Busy Girl

Anyone in NYC and vicinity want to meet up and do fun things? If so, you have the following choices. I'd like to do and see a lot of really really super gay things. And people. Any ideas?

Friday 5th October: Meet at my hotel for supper about 5ish. I'm NY style pizza. Down here, Friday is Lesbian night at alll the gay clubs. If that is the case here,

Saturday 6th October: I'm going to attempt to hit Broadway. I can't think of anything more appropriate to see other than RENT. Except that everyone sees it. More importantly, I want to wear my new black dress and shoes out in public. If that doesn't involve Broadway, I'm still game.

Sunday 7th October: Supper at Zeytin 7 p.m.
(Zay-Teen: it means "olive" in Turkish).
OR: Anyone want to go to mass at some horrid time in the morning? Yeah didn't think so. I think I might get up early and take a walk to the nearest cathedral just for kicks.

Monday 8th October: Open Mic? There's gatta be one today - does anyone know when and where? I'm going to read my poem, "siren" ... which reminds me I need practice. I want to find a little old (those criteria are important!) used bookstore and pick up a treasure. Are there second hand clothing shops around? That might be fun, too.

Tuesday 9th October: Somebody take me to a dyke bar! If I haven't been yet this week, tonight is the night because right after I get back to my hotel I'll be leaving for the airport. whee!


Dylan said...

If you're visiting Boston, I'd be game. How did the pod hotel work out?

Essin' Em said...

I actually might be near NYC that weekend, visiting J in Purchase. We might be up for something - can I bring my super hot gender queer partner?

Ms. Avarice said...

D - pod hotel was booked solid. how long does it take to get to Boston?

S - That would be FABULOUS! Let's go to Toys in Babeland and you can give a demonstration!