thanks to tripadvisor.com i am now absolutely mortified of new york city.

These people have rashes on their bodies from the beds! Oh, this is so, SO not happening.

I'm thinking about getting a loan from the bank on Monday. It'll be cheaper than using my credit cards (which is what I'll be doing anyway). And that way I'll be able to stay somewhere cute in Chelsea instead of inviting danger by staying in one of these budget places.

This trip costs more than it would to stay a month in a foreign country! Including airfare!


Dylan said...

check out prices at the pod hotel. http://thepodhotel.com/ i know people who have stayed there for well below 100 dollars a night and that is unthinkable in NYC.

Ms. Avarice said...

i'm going to call them right now. done and done.

Alia said...

you can always get a sleep sack... it's basically like a giant pillowcase you put between the sheets so you don't actualy touch them. and i htink they're made out of silk. they recommend using them when staying at hostels and stuff.