homosexuals are not sexual predators

I'm so mad I could vomit. And there is a list of about 4 things that are turning my stomach at the moment. I'm not ready to talk about all of them, but here's the main thing: I found two videos, one for boys and one for boys, about how to avoid becoming a victim to a sexual predator. The one for girls is pretty reasonable, but the one for boys makes it sound like all homosexuals are sexual predators which is simply untrue. The video does, shed some light on some of the possible reasons why my mother is so vehemently opposed to homosexuality. She grew up in just this time period, and on top of that, in a religious family. This is just whacko, though.

This is the a counterpart to the girls' video, named "Girls Beware! Evil men are on the prowl!" and it is also a bit over the top, too, just not as bad.

You will notice there are no people of color in these vignettes.

Another thing is that someone local keeps coming to my blog to read all the posts labeled "Autumn." It makes me feel queasy//uneasy and it makes me want to censor myself. That, however, I. will. not. do. Just be prepared to not take anything personally, ok? Thanks.

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