quiet dawns

Is it just me or has blog world been quiet lately? And your comments and thoughts have been fewer and fewer. I want to hear what you thought about the weekend with Crave. I want your help figuring out all these dumb feelings that keep popping up unexpectedly. I'm quite alone tonight. I most despised state, as I have said before. I've been waiting for an update from several of you who have not treated me with a recap of the last couple weeks. Hop to it - I'm concerned for you (pl).


Anonymous said...

You had a deep connection with her and that's rare. It could be her or it could be that you met her at a time when you were needing somebody. I don't think you'll know until you become more settled. When all the emotion starts to calm, then perhaps you will see things more clearly.

Your post on that weekend was beautiful by the way.

tongue-tied said...

no dumb feelings, imho, only ones that surprise us by not being the same as our opinions. which i'm learning to take as an invitation to wait & see what the feelings actually are before "deciding" beforehand. which is harder than it sounds!

in other news, the blog world breathes, too. as brother lyle says,
"Sometimes it never quits raining
Sometimes that phone just won't ring
Sometimes I never miss nothing
And sometimes I miss anything"

Essin' Em said...

I think the beginning of the year has people a bit more quiet as everyone has things to take care of.

Your situation reminds me a lot of what I had last year with Amy/AC at the Dinah. It was just supposed to be a fun hook up, but I spend half the plane ride back from CA in tears. Things touch us in different ways, and we definitely connect to people more intensely than we expect.

If you need to talk more, G-talk me :)

lady brett said...

it has been a bit slow around...but you're voice isn't echoing yet ;)
something that...intense...is often hard to respond to, not because it doesn't create a response, but because the feelings it engenders are complicated and deep-seated, and so hard to express. that is, of course, more the case when you are the person involved, but it extends to those of us on the outside as well (particularly when it's so well expressed).

(p.s. give in to the "y'all" ;)