first date ever, take 3

i'm nervous. what should i wear? what should i say? what shouldn't i say? should i smile? i don't like my smile. should i make the moves or do i let her do it? sounds like she's one of those shy ones in public that gets toppy in private:

i sent a text to her this evening.

"top or bottom?"
"sounds like we'll work perfectly"
"that remains to be determined"

she's quite chatty. she mentioned in passing, "i'm looking for a fuck" which could be good, i'm glad that i didn't take her for a hopeless romantic although that may still be the case. i'm not into romantics. they make me feel uncomfortable.

went out with an old friend who's moving back to town from a breakup. if the Ex of hers gets a new roommate, she may have enough money to move in with me in March. otherwise I may need to get a one bedroom. so far, I qualify for low income housing which is interesting. I've always known I was the low-income type but I never accepted it. I have this picture of my family as being gentility when my dad's side of the family is of notoriously ill repute and my mother's side keeps secrets. Hmm.

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Curvaceous Dee said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you, honey!

xx Dee