crave - reflections

I wasn't planning to want more of Crave in my life. That wasn't part of the agreement, this is definitely unexpected - to want more. I expected to be satisfied. I expected to be ok with never meeting again. I wasn't thinking that maybe Crave would be important. I didn't think I would ever want more.

But I do. Not a lot, not too much, but more.

so. I halve it. I take a measure of desire and throw half of it away, wasted. so that I will not want too much. Because desire makes people forget themselves, captivated.

I'm so far away. Crave is so far away.
She's looking for little fluffy clouds.
Little fluffy clouds in the Arizona sky.
I've been there. I've been to that sky.

And I want it back.

It's better to say things aloud than to bottle them up inside, remember? So I'm saying them aloud, letting the effervescence escape through the bottle's neck and out the top.

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Jennifer said...

Well now, honey, what did you expect? Her name is Crave. with a capitol C! Whether you gave her that nickname or she did, I can't imagine it could have evolved any other way. It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time with her the last time.