equal opportunity employer

My company supports queer identities and gender variance.

How do I know? They told me so. Let me count the ways.

During the HR presentation in my new-hire training, the HR gal adamantly said that no harassment based on sexual orientation, or gender identity will be tolerated. Then, she repeated herself. I find myself surrounded by confident and successful dykes, sweet, sweet gay boys, and less than straight girlies all the time. A great number of people in management are noticeably queer and it makes me feel so very welcome. The company offers the same benefits to domestic partners (same sex and opposite sex) as they do to formally married couples, including life insurance beneficiaries.

In our company newsletter this month, they are celebrating all the ways that our employees are involved in their "communities" that live out our brand - a slogan that celebrates togetherness. The first page features two brief spotlights of note. The first one is a male ballet dancer - a gender buster for sure, queer or not. The second is a picture of two beautiful, tough butch women in full (American) football gear. They are members of New Mexico Menace, an all female full-contact team. I had to take a second glance to note the feminine features of these burly girls. Whether or not they're actually queer, the recognition of female masculinity put a smile on my face.

See? My company values queer identities and gender variance. I'm totally beaming with pride.


Dylan said...

How awesome! I hope I work for such a great company one day that recognizes for people for exactly who they are!

Anonymous said...

That is so great! It really made me smile.