Christmas surprise

Today, I got a very special gift from a stranger. On my way back from the next town, where I spent the afternoon and night, I checked the mail. Inside the little mailbox was an envelop addressed to "Miss Avarice" - it's weird seeing that written down. Just as weird as it is when you people call me my real name, those of you who are privy to that information. (Don't stop calling me that, it grounds me).

Inside, a note, an autographed picture of a very handsome drag-man, and a pair of earrings. They are tiny shiny red origami cranes, and they survived the December mail craze splendidly. I will absolutely have to find some important excuse to wear them out.

I have two other boxes that I'm trying to get sent. One, I haven't closed up, the other has been stamped and wrapped for about a week, now. This is your last chance for a decemberween gift and card, most of which will be crafted by yours, truly. Email me your postal address, and a pen name for confidentiality, if you wish! Fucking Miss Avarice


Jennifer said...

1308 E Norfolk St Tampa, FL 33604. But I would prefer you deliver it yourself. Preferably with that shirt on you're wearing in the last post, hehe. :o)

lady brett said...

merry christmas