Be assertive, ladies!

An important friend of mine led me to an article in the Washington Post.

So why do men earn more than women? Why do some men have more opportunities and a more prosperous wage and benefit negotiations?

The traditional explanation for the gender differences that Babcock found is that men are simply more aggressive than women, perhaps because of a combination of genetics and upbringing. The solution to gender disparities, this school of thought suggests, is to train women to be more assertive and to ask for more.

Except that there's more to the story. Go read it, be assertive and ASK FOR YOU WHAT YOU WANT. It's more than a mantra for the bedroom (or the alley, or the bathroom, or the back seat of a car), it's a shift in your thinking about yourself and what you are worth and what you deserve.


lady brett said...

but, see, the rest of the story says that, yes, you are more likely to get more if you ask for more - but you are also more likely to get nothing if you ask for more. guess i'm not much of a gambler...but then, being not assertive at all, that's just the easy way for me to read it =)

Ms. Avarice said...

Yes, I forgot to mention that. But I still think we should be more assertive.