any interested parties

A local legend, Miss Avarice, will be appearing this weekend at a Hallowe'en costume party (in an undisclosed location, call for details) wearing nothing but her black corset, thigh high fishnets, and hotpants. Her hands will be cuffed in leather behind her back, and any interested parties may take a turn flogging her curvaceous rear. Throwing timidity to the wind, she will rendezvous with a local musician, in hopes of taking advantage of the tipsy bassist's lowered inhibitions. A full report on the event to follow.


Anonymous said...

hey i notice that u like read blogs with a story line

you should no doubt chk this one out! and tell anyone else like urself
its just this girl being herself
ever since i read it im hook
just a head up

Anonymous said...

i left out the site silly me!


tongue-tied said...

i do look forward to your report ...

Anonymous said...

I would like to see pictures of you like this, Miss A.

Ms. Avarice said...

anonymous comments are creeping me out! at least give yourself a consistent name!