brazen femme

wheeee! i just got my book, brazen femme in the mail last night. you should have heard my squeals of delight! even though it is kinda busted from being mailed in... plastic wrap. but it's still so lovely!

i was so excited about that, and about financial aid coming through, that i bought four more used books which will be arriving at my house next week sometime. all of them covering the topics of gender. one of them, a collection of butch-on-butch erotica. hmmmmmm... my favorite. really. boys kissing. gets me [...] every time.


and i paid off my credit cards.

the end.


dylan said...

you get to read erotica for your classes?! oh my. i need to enroll a women's studies program that is less theory and more fun!

Ms. Avarice said...

wasn't for school, but my books for school have been very interesting. I'm mostly kinda. lodged in firstwave feminism at the moment.