Getting to Know You

I intend on finishing, refining, that very long scattered story I started a little while back. I don't like fourth portion very well so I might scrap it and go a different direction with it.

I feel like I'm a little unfair not really describing myself a whole lot, so I figured I might answer a few questions to get the ball rolling. If you have any questions for me, please comment!

one-word answers:

girlfriend: where?
Your hair: mess
Your mother: distant
Your father: engineer
Your favorite thing: beach
Your dream last night: forgotten
Your ex: gay
You fear: misunderstandings
One of your wish list items: companion
Where you grew up: railroad
The last thing you did: read
What are you wearing: pyjamas
Your pet or pets: allergies
Your computer: powerbook
Your life: story
Missing someone: mum
Your car: gift
Your work: thief
Last time you laughed: today

Flower - calla lilies and tiger lilies
Color - dark, dark red
Sight - a storm rolling in from the Gulf of Mexico
Smell - jasmine, lavender and boy cologne
Taste - a great many fruits
Sound - breath of a loved one
Feel - getting lost in a hug
Sense - sensing that i've been helpful
Activity - reading, writing, but not arithmetic
Season - autumn. i love when it gets blustery
Drink - the juice of berries, water

Language - English, Spanish and parts of 2-3 others
Driving - I'm assertive, yet cautious
Computers - Engineer for a Dad, so I speak that language
Cooking - I'm very methodical and I take my time
Musical - I sing and play an instrument
Movement - Certain parts of me move a little better than others...

A perfect evening: involves the sharing of food and drink, a body of water, and language.

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Essin' Em said...

tres interesting (can you tell that I speak German, not French?)

Favorite flavor of ice cream?
Most inspirational person in your life?
Favorite animal?
If you could choose any name for yourself, what would it be?
Tomorrow, you have plane tickets to anywhere. Where would you go?