CBE for the sophisticated lady

I walked around tonight giggling about how I've already requested time off at work to attend this:

The Body Electric School Announces
Celebrating the Body Erotic for Women

October 5-7, 2007, New York City
...Join in a circle of women for an opportunity to explore, discover and celebrate empowered sexuality, self-defined eroticism, spiritually integrated eros. You will feel welcomed into a safe, serious, and playful space where we respectfully honor boundaries and experience ourselves as powerful, expressive and sacred.

Firstly, I'm going to see grand, big, glittering New York City, and you might, just might get me back on the plane for my return flight. Secondly, I have been guaranteed nakedness - hope your word is good! Thirdly I have been needing to get away for a little while, to satisfy my hunger for travel and adventure.

I do a little dance inside, just thinking about it!

Oh dear God. What am I going to wear!!!

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Dylan said...

i can not believe you are going to this. you will have to let everyone know how it is in explicit detail!