I just have to say that there is a really cute butchy-girl in my Human Sexuality class. *sigh*

She's probably like. 20. I've been completely avoiding her because i don't want to act silly around her, and... it seems like maybe she's been avoiding me, too. Could just be me.

Can I show you some sexuality? haha.


dylan said...

Didn't your last entry just say something about romance beginning in Women Studies class. Too funny. I had a HUGE crush on my TA in women studies first year... we avoided each other too. I think you should go balls to the wall and ask her out!

Ms. Avarice said...

"balls to the wall"
Where did that come from? I've never ever heard that before.

Maybe I will, though. Asking isn't something I do, normally... Do I even remember how? hmm...

dylan said...

balls to the wall, you've never heard that. it's such a good saying, it should be used often, but maybe it's a boy/boi thing. i haven't heard too many ladies say it.

and my bad, totally my bad. it slipped my mind that you were femme, i am a new reader after all. you should just bat your eyes and show more leg... or whatever it is that you femmes do to melt us butches.

Ms. Avarice said...

it's okay sweets - the bright pink mudflap girl represents the femme! yeah we have a girly smirk and a sideways glance. i have not put it to as much good use as i could, but now is a perfect time for practice!