feminine = sexually available?

Aggh. Disgusting! I was out looking for a rental house, as I am pretty much always doing these days, when two men in a city utility truck and asked if I were the owner of the house. Thank God I am not. I said, "No, I'm just checking it out as a rental, why?" They told me the city wanted to know something from the owner, but I didn't know obviously, so I just sort of looked at them. Then the guy in the passenger seat says, "Are you looking for a roommate?" Of course, I said, "No." The other guy thought I didn't hear, and repeated it, "He wants to know if you're looking for a roommate." At this point I'm getting in my car and saying rather loudly "No, thank you." As I closed the door I heard him say, "We could bring in a bunk bed!"

That is so sick. I've been listening to a lot of stories from my friends about the ways that men have treated them, and the part that's so enraging is that it's the women who are in therapy for the ways men have treated them, rather than the men seeking psychiatric help for the ways that they've behaved toward women. Because it's fucking normal for men to be nasty and violent. It makes me want to scream! Part of it probably has to do with my apparent heterosexuality (as a femme) that makes me seem sexually available to all men. Even if I were purely heterosexual that would NOT mean that I am always sexual available. I wish I could communicate in writing how angry I am that I can't go out in public alone without expecting to have to defend myself against these kinds of threats. It is absolutely sick.


Anonymous said...

I hear you, sweet sister. I wish that they could understand the damage they cause.

Pat said...

I'm sorry that happened, honey. That IS fucking disgusting. I love you.

Anonymous said...

I hate when they do that to me too,
college dorm room

Alia said...

I wonder if there's a way you can report them. Assholes.

My name is Lina said...

I fucking hear you babe.

Get fucking real mutha fuckas.

Isnt there something luscious though, in the power of femme in that way? turning the heads of men but taking the hands of women.

excuse my sailor tongue.
I curse when I get worked up.