last, first

Tonight is my very last night working until midnight. As long as I have the choice, I will never again work any later than 10:30. My new schedule is daily 3p-10:30p with school on T/R 11a-2p.

That is, of course, if I stay with my current employer. I had an "interview" last night with a potential employer, for which I called out sick from work. It was a 20 minute speech about what the job entails. Let me tell you something, that is absolutely completely disrespectful of my time that I had to call out of work to attend this little meeting under the guise of "interview". I don't do disrespect. And I'm not sure I really like the man I'll be working for. He's twice my size and I get the feeling he'll be full of negative criticism. I work best with lots of positive reinforcement. Also, competition is a major demotivator for me - this guy's big on competition.

The job is an admissions rep for a career school. I just want to see people succeed. I just want to see their lives change for the better because they decided to do something constructive. My "sales pitch" is that I take a consultative role with an obvious slant toward my product - this school. I don't see where the competition is in that.

Anyway, I'm not killing the idea yet. I'm just sayin' don't take things so seriously like it's a fight to the death, jeez. And please, next time we meet, please value and respect my time.