Yeah. So after the Dr visit today, I'm convinced that my body is just trying to tell me something. It's trying to say, "Quit puttin' in JUNK!"

I've got the GERD. The only things I can safely eat without having digestive distress are fruits, vegetables and breads. A friend suggested baked chicken with very little spices in it. No dairy. No red meat. Doc gave me Nexium. But dear fellows, let me tell you. I am too damn young and all these damn pills. Here's the rundown.

Lipitor (cholesterol, indicated by diabetes)
Lisinopril (blood pressure, indicated by diabetes)
Metformin (blood sugar regulation)
Allegra 180 (the tree, dust, pet, mold allergies)
Yasmin (BCPs to keep ovarian cysts at bay)

and today, the Nexium for my GERD/acid reflux disease.

This doesn't even count the nasal sprays that I'm not taking because they are gross. They're supposed to help with my sinus congestion (not runny nose, mind you, junk in my face, rather) to keep me from getting sinus and ear infections.

Thankfully, I'm gettin' setup with FMLA for the days that I've been out so it will not count against my good attendance record at work. Phew!

But what I'm saying. Is that my body is only a representation of all the shit that's wrong with the environment, and with packaged, processed food. You heard it from Miss Avarice's stomach. Right from the horse's mouth. SO

Quit puttin' in junk!


Anonymous said...

For the past few months I've been trying really hard to eat well. I'm getting better at cooking healthier foods, it took some reprogramming but I'm getting the hang of it. Indulgence once a week keeps me content (chipotle!)

I hope your tummy gets better real soon. :)

mnwhr said...

There is so much crap in the things we eat that in order to be healthy you have to cut out darn near everything. Good luck managing your health.