part psychological. part physiological. part passion.

Last night she felt it. The energy of her cock seeped through its firm shaft and down, down inside her pelvis and she said the strength of her desire was reflected back from her core and out through her cock. Her cock.

We're definitely on the upswing. And we've made a gentle agreement to start exploring kink. It's the first day of school and we're just here to have fun. I'm sitting here in a rope harness into which I tied myself. She's reading a book and cooking matzo ball soup (with chicken?).

Naked in our space together,
enjoying life as usual and
tossing our change into a
big glass pickle jar.

When it jingles, it makes the sound of change.

This is the sound of change.


dana said...

did you write "with chicken?" after or before I realized I forgot to add chicken?! Ahh!! So pissed!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe "tossing pennies into a pickle jar/ This is the sound of change."

dana said...

oh! and to be technical ;) it's a sweet bell pepper jar :)