This morning, on the day of worship, we gave up a time of sharing ourselves, baring our truths and learning to express our simplest nature. I offered up a prayer, a plea.

I have so much love inside of me. It's... it's uncontainable. It oozes out the cracks, and sometimes my heart springs a leak. I want people to be grateful for my love because I'm giving it to them, because I fashioned it specifically for them. I want to be able to spread my love around, to unfurl it like a blanket. I want my love to be taken seriously, even though it is portioned out for others.

I harbor more love than I can contain. Sometimes, my heart is even too big for my chest, and I have to grow to make more room for it. It's hard to carry, love is not light or easy. Love is a burden. I want to give it all away for the freedom and lightness of others.

But just because I love so many, and so much, the degree to which I live the individuals (as well as the whole) is not diminished. Perhaps it is strengthened. I so appreciate the people who have honored me by allowing me to give a little bit of love, to share a heap of compassion.


Belle said...

Honey I think this is a beautiful thing you feel. And I hope for you. I want it for you. You're in my thoughts. xo

Dylan said...

Whether love is a pie or a well is a topic that keeps springing up in my life. That concept of whether, if you give pieces out to people they will either eventually run out or you'll have to diminish the size of the pieces in order to make more pieces...

Or, love could be like a well. You take out some love one day and there is still an unending supply the next.

Either way, I hope you find people who will appreciate all the good things you have to offer.