My answers

Trey wrote:
On Saturday, be prepared to explain to me the following:
1) why, do you believe, you have chosen to be submissive?
2) do your submissive desires conflict with your feminist views and values?
3) what do you expect of a dominant?
Here are my answers for this afternoon:

1) I did not choose to be "submissive" - it becomes me. I like giving back, it's totally empowering, but acting the bottom is my "resting state." I'm interested in submitting because I like the exchange of power and I can say with certainty that I prefer the giving up of power, rather than the taking. I don't know why, that's just how it is.

2) My submissive desires may have actually resulted from my feminist leanings because the women who trained me - the writers, the professors, my own friends who encouraged me to grow into my body - they taught to me to want what I want and feel what I feel and throw off all shame and pursue freedom. Acting the bottom frees me.

3) I expect a dominant to be: respectful, patient, attentive and daring. I expect an effective safeword that I am allowed to use without feeling guilty; I expect aftercare and reverence.

Remember that lucky shirt with a neckline resembling the grand canyon? Trey says I'm to wear blue - that's blue, right? To wear an undershirt or not to wear an undershirt?


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