minor details

"You have 20 minutes before you have to leave for work."
"oh yeah? hmm"

I yawned and stretched with my whole body as I do pretty frequently in the morning, when I'm in bed and naked. I let my knees fall open so she could see me wanting. Last night I had said, "you treat me like dessert" - she said, "oh yeah, you are the dessert!" When she wants it, I can't say no and when I want it, she can't say no either.

20 minutes.

I always feel myself rising like the smoke of smoldering ashes - it happens just as soon as her hot mouth closes in around my clit, so warm and soft. We've taken to these soft morning sessions that tease her on her way in to work, a snack. Breakfast of me.

Last night it was strawberries and cream on my breasts and chest and belly, they were so cold from being refridgerated and she tasted so sweet on my lips. She licked irish cream from between my breasts and kissed me sweetly. Even after I am spent I somehow find my second wind to reward her valiant efforts and every time - no, really, every single time - she has fallen into la petite morte and quieted herself and spoken nonsense to me. Every single time. Her reward is also mine.

I guess I am still entrenched in that phase where I can't get enough of her love, and all I want to be is with her, and all I want to do is lie naked, curled around her, exchanging this life-giving energy that we are breathing into and drawing from each other. I should tell you more about her, I should tell you more about all the things we have in common, but for now all I want to do is tell you that she fulfills me and comforts me and makes me feel truly well.


mnwhr said...

You have something awesome.

Dylan said...

Love is so good when it's like this. Thank you for the reminder.