Either / or

Things really aren't going to work out with Trey. He's 42, a recovering alcoholic with a history of violence. Mostly it's the age thing. We're completely mismatched, so I'm going to be sending a friendly no-thanks email today or tomorrow...

The whole time I was talking to Trey, I was thinking about Dana, so I sent her a text to ask if I could come over. She was thrilled to hear that I wanted to see her again so soon. We sat around at Borders while she finished her homework and I perused the latest Curve featuring ms. k.d. lang. Then, we retired to her apartment where I met her little puppy and 2 kitties, all three of whom are enamored with me.

When she goes down on me, it's a rush that starts off high and continues to build to an unbearable peak. I've had my hand to my nose all day remembering dried roses, her soft, thick flesh.

She's meeting my friends tonight for Family Night and the L Word. I'm completely nervous and ecstatic, because I think she's great and I hope they feel the same.

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mnwhr said...

It appears you've found a nice bit of happiness, good for you!