perfect timing

So when should I call Marian? Any suggestions? Am I too early? Am I too late? Tell me.

[Edit 04:30 7 Jan 2008] I'm going to call her this afternoon after I get out of class. I'm going to suggest gelato at this little hipster joint that used to be a queer coffee shop before the coffee went under. It has a welcoming atmosphere and places to sit. Ahh! Uncharted territory!


Robin said...

Personally I would say tomorrow or Tuesday - plenty of recuperation time from hangovers from Friday, not to fast to seem desperate or needy, not totally disinterested, AND considering you probably had plans already established for this weekend and were too tied up to call (because afterall, you are a hawt chick and all!)... a nice call tomorrow wouldn't hurt!

Ms. Avarice said...

Oh man, Robin you flatter me. Wait til my busy weekend of partying is over before I call! of course! I was actually thinking tomorrow afternoon after school anyway.

Dylan said...

Ah, this gelato hipster joint seems like a great place to go especially since it used to be queer friendly... I'm sure some of the old atmosphere still haunts the joint. GOOD LUCK!