and the nominees are...

Today was a little bit crazy - as you can see in my last post, my morning was really somethin' (for your northern people, that means it was very special). I ended up having some food and going back to sleep until 4 p.m. I called my boss to see if I had flex time available (i get half my shift off, paid, to deal with unexpected "personal issues") and it was, so I had another snack and went back to bed. I didn't sleep well so I'm hoping tonight I will have sweet dreams and deep sleep. Anyway. I went to work at 9:30 p.m., got stuck in traffic, started off the evening with a 15 minute call (bad!) and then we had a long meeting so I only took about 25 calls. On the way home, stopped for gas and cigarettes and got stuck in more traffic (continuous construction from my house to work - nowhere else!).

But anyway, the point of all that was to show that my nomination for The Lesbian Blog of the Year came at just the right moment! I don't like the idea of nominating myself, although it is allowed, but Essin' Em felt that I was deserving enough for her nomination over at The Lesbian Lifestyle. Wow. I'm completely flattered.

"TLL is hosting the 2007 Lesbian Blog of the Year award. We are pleased to begin accepting nominations for this award until February 15th. At which time we will tally the nominations, and vote on the top five nominated lesbian blogs. The winner of the award will ... be listed as the 2007 TLL Lesbian Blog of the year on the TLL website. Good luck to all and keep telling your stories!"

To nominate me (remember - only top 5 nominees have a chance!) click on the badge and put my link in the comments. As cool as it would be to win, I'm in good company. My pals Sinclair, Dylan and Rouge have all made the cut (did i miss anybody?). But you know, who can resist erotic stories and pictures, notes on butch/femme interactions, and gender theory? It would be nice to have someone who's not from the New York / Jersey area on the ballot.

There you have it, a blog born on a breeze, written on a whim, gets a nomination for an "of the year" award. Amazing.

By the way, my dozen peach roses from Autumn are in my large vase on the dresser near the sun. When she gave them to me, I told her the story of how when I was kindergarten I specifically asked my mother to paint my room peach. Not pink, or blue or some other primary color that I would be sure to know by then. But peach. So, they painted the room peach, my bed linens were peach, even a vanity table had been painted peach. So, this new gemini girl who doesn't really know me, picked an uncommon color that matched a story from my childhood. I think she's off to a good start.


Curvaceous Dee said...

Oh, congratulations on the nomination! That's fantastic.

And peach-coloured roses? Yummy. I have fresh peaches here, and have been eating them ... but that's not the same.

xx Dee

Robin said...

Congratulations on the nomination! Peach roses are so lovely (as are lavender which are my favorites). Hope you have a great weekend!

Essin' Em said...

You know, I'm not the only one who nominated you. Just saying...

And props to Autumn on the flowers.

I remember when J got me stargazer lilies when I came to visit one time. That was a big surprise, and MEGA bonus points (my favorite flowers are star gazer lilies and sterling (lavender) roses).

Tres cute!