secret santa

So, I offered to purchase a gift for a youth at Sylvia's Place, a shelter for glbtq young persons at the Metropolitan Community Church in New York City. But I'm in over my head. The fella I got asked for an apple iPod. The trouble with that is that when I signed up I was thinking y'know they probably have price limits on these things. any other time i've donated to other places, they've said not to exceed $20, $35,or $50 or whatever. Clearly that is not the case with this one!

Does anyone feel like splitting the cost with me? I don't want to be cheap and get an iPod shuffle for $80 (even though that's more than I was planning to spend), I was thinking of getting a new iPod Nano and that's like $150! Ack.

Lemme know if anyone's willing to pitch in even $10 or something to help!

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