A Gift for the Multitude of You

I recorded this tonight to commemorate the wintry festivities. I personally celebrate Advent, although I've missed most of it working on school and sorting out my life. Winter is the perfect time for holidays, which makes me thankful to live in the Northern Hemisphere. If you're from the Southern, then I wish you unseasonably cool weather, just for a day. In fact, for my area, tonight is the coldest night that we have had all year - the temperature is in the low 40's! Without further adieu, your holiday cheer:


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love you.

Essin' Em said...

I got my present today - it's lovely!

And Kinsey (one of my kitties) is loving the box.

Thank you so very much :)

Happy non-denominational season of love, joy, giving and celebration!

tongue-tied said...

and, again, lovely!

here's to a peaceful, contented holiday to you.