Longest Day of My Life, Chapter 9

I keep putting myself into these really awful long days because I don't get many days off, so I end up traveling right after I get out of work and going directly to work when I get back. I left for the airport 5 hours after I got out of work and I went back to work 2 hours after landing on the ground again at home. I enjoyed the vacation, but I have now been awake, with the exception of a thirty minute catnap on my second airplane this afternoon, for 22 hours and it will be 24 by the time I actually fall asleep. I wore heels for 20 hours today. Phew. I can usually make it 24 without going too loopy. But once one day passes, insanity sets in. I should really plan my vacations better. Last time I returned home by air, I drove directly to school and gave a 1 hour lecture. What? Yeah.

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Essin' Em said...

20 hours of heels? HA. I can barely make it four before the shoes come off and I want to beat someone with them. Yikes.