dyke drama

*screams* I'm flippen excited about Season 5. Who's getting season 4 so we can re-watch it? We only have 2 months! I'd like to know exactly who is fucking on the couch - what a scene. Warm afternoon sunlight and a little naked body. hmmm.


Dylan said...

I am so excited for season five. I hope it's better writing than the last two seasons have been, and I still wish Carmen would somehow come up... but whatever the L word has in store and no matter how shitty it might become, let's face it... we'll all be watching and loving it.

Ms. Avarice said...

Yeah. I found season 4 to be only slightly more engaging than the season 3 disaster, so I agree, hope for better things this year. Sundays in the spring are my favorite - not only is it the sabbath and I get to be with my church, but after my nap, we'll get to watch "chicks getting it on"! And you're right, no matter how awful it is, we'll still be crammed into Kay's tiny living room elbowing each other in the eyes to get a glimpse of Shane fucking what's-her-face! Hah!

Essin' Em said...

I don't get show time anymore!!!!!!!