leather tails, a heavy handle

My potential floggers were exhausted when I got there last night, so I got a few light-hearted whaps to the rear this morning. We rose at dawn to work on a sculpture. Really, I was there for company. I told tales of my City adventures.

The Flogger:

It's very rich and I think I love it dearly. It makes a really loud, firm thump and stings just a little. Feels deliciously soft, dragged over skin. It's a medium length, not shiny, and seems like a safe bet for newish partners since it doesn't hurt.

The Cuffs:

The smooth leather of the cuffs I bought also feels fabulous. I've been wearing one today just to get used to it. No surprise, I love them! They fit around my wrists with some wiggle room. can't wait to have them fastened!


Alia T said...

I'm jealous, those look like fun!!

lady brett said...

oooh, i have the collar that matches those. it's so lovely, and i really want to get those cuffs someday
...not to mention the flogger. go you =)