Can I just tell you that this is going to be my very first "date" ever?

"Excuse me?" you say? "First ever?" you ask?

Yep. First ever, unless you count my movie date with Paul before were both gay. Hah! Miss Avarice, however sexy she may very well be - and some of you may attest to that - is only now beginning the journey of learning how she relates to others in a romantic way.

I think the timing is right, though. I've had to really sort things out with myself before I start including others. Basically all of 2007 has been a renewal of my sense of self separate from the group mentality that organized religion tends to promote. Not that I do not include myself in that anymore, but I'm identifying myself as an individual. I'm exploring all my different faces - my femme face, my renegade face, my kink face, my feminist face... my brave face.

Oh, laugh with me please! I've been looking in the mirror and laughing, and loving my face and spending time being beautiful all day. And I'm starting to feel like "finding myself" isn't as trite as it seems. I think I'm discovering, uncovering, breaking open myself. And finding an even deeper beauty than I knew I had...

I'm putting on my little black dress and going out.

Wish me blessings!


lady brett said...


and, hey, i've never been on a "date" like that either.

tongue-tied said...

dear miss avarice,
may 1,000 blessings rain down upon you in your self-discovery! as you discovery you, you discovery creation unfolding. be kind with creation!