This is the Result of Poor Decision-Making Skills

I am going to bed now, I promise. But first, a poll.

Flight Itinerary (still have not purchased!)

The only flight that will allow me time enough to (a)get lunch and (b)freak out that I'm in fucken NYC and (c)get from Newark to Manhattan (er... i suppose it's called manhattan? I seriously need Lonely Planet NYC) is this one:

Fri, Oct 5
6:27am Depart FLORIDA
7:24am Arrive Memphis (MEM)
Plane Change
8:41am Depart Memphis (MEM)
12:12pm Arrive Newark (EWR)

Technically, I will still be awake at 5 a.m. on my way to the airport after having awoken at noon to go to class on Thursday, and having worked a full shift. That is unavoidable. Maybe I'll actually be tired enough to nap on the plane. Which never happens.

Then, I have the choice between the following three return flights.

The Noon arriving flight:
Tue, Oct 9
6:42am Depart Newark (EWR)
8:31am Arrive Memphis (MEM)
Plane Change
9:15am Depart Memphis (MEM)
12:00pm Arrive FLORIDA

With this flight, I would be home in time to go to school and work. But why should I bother doing that when I don't technically have to do so? On top of that, how on EARTH am I going to get to the Newark airport by 5:30. Someone please tell me.

The late afternoon arriving flights:
Tue, Oct 9
11:05am Depart Newark (EWR)
12:53pm Arrive Memphis (MEM)
Plane Change
1:45pm Depart Memphis (MEM)
4:37pm Arrive FLORIDA
Tue, Oct 9
12:37pm Depart Newark (EWR)
2:36pm Arrive Detroit (DTW)
Plane Change
3:31pm Depart Detroit (DTW)
6:07pm Arrive FLORIDA

I will miss class, and I will be late for work. And it's a half day, so it would be stupid to waste one of my half-days on an already half-day.

Finally, the evening arriving flight:
Tue, Oct 9
4:30pm Depart Newark (EWR)
6:23pm Arrive Memphis (MEM)
Plane Change
7:29pm Depart Memphis (MEM)
10:16pm FLORIDA

I like this one the best because it gives me the whole morning to yawn and stretch and take my time getting to the airport. And I don't have to go to school or work for another day! yey.

So. Any suggestions? Comments? Anyone wondering why I created an entire blog about which flight I should take? Yeah I was wondering the same thing. Help!


birdonthewirenyc said...

the later flight seems less stressful for you, however the car services from manhattan to newark (and vice versa) are fairly affordable and can get you there at any god awful time... plus there's always super shuttle!

Shannon said...

Aah! That is so exciting :) You better write down every detail to share upon your return...!

Terroni said...

My suggestion would be to fly in and out of LaGuardia. Is that possible? And, I'll go find the info for the shuttle service I used and post it here in a little bit. They picked me up in Manhattan before dawn.

Terroni said...

Airlink New York
or, you can book online

Ms. Avarice said...

ah! Terroni, I already bought my ticket for Newark because it was only $150! I guess I'll just have to be in the mood for adventure ;)

Terroni said...

Try Airlink if your still stuck for ground transportation, though. I think they drive to and from Newark, too.

Terroni said...

and look at me with all these damn suggestions...like I'm a fucking travel agent!