i stumbled upon a secret a few days ago.
i found buried treasure.

i noticed a little piece of white string
trailing off to somewhere, and following
it back to the beginning, leaving myself
little messages so i could find my way to
the ocean shore again, look what i found

i found the following keepsakes:

short, dark curls in a heap, curious eyes and tender, curled lips.
the sweet neck skin, a collar: white and crisp fastened at the bone.
buttons snug, holding the fabric, wrinkled where it is taught.

i found shoulders and elbows and fingertips pink
(the object of desire)
i found suspenders pressed so close against the breast
(the breast, the tenderness)

finally, i found the blue-jean waistband where white meets the ocean and the creases of a shirt meet the rough denim tide.

belt loops are really only finger-hooks in disguise, you know.

i stumbled upon this secret a few days ago.
i found buried treasure.

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