I fell in love
with the inside of a peach
that I've sliced wide open

I took a bite, tugging
at the skin and
the soft flesh inside.

My favorite part
is how the juice runs
out the corners of my mouth
before I get the chance
to suck it up.

But the flavour is so inviting
I wipe it up from my chin
and lick it from my fingers.

Waste not.

Want not.

Except that I do my best
not to waste the taste
and I'm still left
wanting more - wanting

to feel my teeth split
through the slippery smooth.

Inside, it is creamy yellow
with rough streaks of red,
and it's pink in the creases.

I adore the little ridges and folds

You know, I've always been so
mesmerized by summer fruit.

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