on the road again?

...what's essentially hot about butches, and what is often absurdly forgotten, even by dykes, is that they are women -- women who wear masculinity better than men.

Michelle Tea, San Francisco Bay Guardian, 2001

so far we're matching up on a couple different levels.

i love to travel
>>> she's currently a truck driver (don't hate!)

i don't like big dogs, with the exception of pit bulls
>>> her travel buddy is a pit bull

i don't like girly girls
>>> being a boi comes natural to her

i'm like 99% bottom
>>> she's like 99% top (whee!)

she wants a wife
>>> i've learned to be domesticated

i like sex
>>> she likes it too (what a surprise!)

the thing is that i've never really met her and she won't be back in Florida until August. and she doesn't like to share.

if you're gonna be a truck driver, and i understand it's good money, i'm not hatin on that. but you gotta understand that i'm not going to go a month at a time without seein a bitch. i'm willing to share, but i'm not all about exclusivity at the drop of a hat.

and what's all this bologna about thinking you don't have a chance with me? I'm the one who says that all the time. i'm fighting with the butches and the femmes for the scarce attention of the few butch women that exist! and i always lose because i'm not aggressive enough or i seem aloof.

what i want is...

"Just a little lovin'
early in the morning
beats a cup of coffee
for starting out the day

Just a little lovin'
when the world is yawning
makes you wake up feeling
good things are coming your way..."

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