flattery is just that - flat

So we're still talking. I'm not sure what to call it.

She's a little bit ghetto. But I think at my core, I'm a little bit ghetto too. She says she can't get enough of me. Still makes me blush. But how do I know how much of this is boi trying to score and how much of this is genuine interest in me. I know it's my weakness - the right words make me weak in the knees. But for now it's all talk.

You know. I've always done my very best to look beyond looks and look at the person. Physically, there are a lot more people that I am a lot more attracted to. But the more we talk, the more I'm hooked. The more I learn about her family and about what motivates her, the more I think I like her.

This is a strange experience. She's different from anyone that I've been interested it. She is utterly unlike the rest. I've surprised myself by this real attraction that is hardly linked to the physical.

So... 15th July, we'll see just what this is all about.

I think that makes me a birthday present...

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