learning to walk

okay. so i've never been one to wear heels. i mean. i sometimes wear some chunky sandals. but i've never really worn actual, real high heeled shoes.

until yesterday.

and they look hot!

i went to Journeys. which is always a bad idea because it ends up with me buying shoes i can't afford just because i like them a lot and i hate shoe shopping so i usually just buy the first ones i see. so i bought some black satin espadrille sandals with like a 2-2.5 inch heel. SEXY.

learning to walk in them has been a challenge, that i'm not sure i've completely mastered.

i've worn them with a skirt - good! I've worn them with dress pants - better!

but i think the best place for these shoes is something more along the lines of...

in the air.

up over my head.

or on the floor next to me.

*sigh* what's a dirty girl to do without anyone to play with?

probably just put my sexy heels back on, take out the trash (it's overflowing with "empties"!) and finish washing the dishes - just you wait til i bend over to put them in the dish washer. *winkles*

okay. this is over the top. i have to stop now. whee! goodnight!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

"Describe your underwear for me."


"On the floor."