possibly the best, so far

We finished watching the most recent video from crashpadseries.com about 2 a.m. - a threeway with two femmes and a transguy in at least 10 different positions, all of them fabulously shot. Whoever said watching porn with your girlfriend/boyfriend isn't sexy, eff that shit. It was so much fun - we talked about what we liked and didn't like, we listened to their pretty moans and giggles. I decided the dammit, it was my turn.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and Dana had snuggled in under the covers. Yeah right - I wasn't going to let her get away with sleeping yet! When I came out, I jumped up on the bed, straddling her waist and presenting my breasts for her inspection. I moaned into her ear "baby I want you so bad..." - rocked my hips against hers until really got the hint and did that maneuver where she gripped whatever was keeping my balance, and I found myself on my back instead. I'm so thankful that Dana loves her mouth on pussy as much as I do because that is the most important thing for me. Fingers are too rough, but I love love love the smooth touch of a hungry wet tongue.

Immediately after I felt her mouth, I begged, "give me your finger." It was hitting just the right spot, as I suspected it would. "can we try for two?" slowly, gently, she pushed her middle finger in along side her index finger and it was like answering a riddle. (let me not overanalyze the positioning, because I will). I dissolved quickly into "oh yeah" and "hmm, ahh" and "yes yes yes" because she was touching this place inside me that made me spasm somewhere deep inside. Every thrust of her fingers produced that satisfying, "aww yeah, right there" feeling. SO. Good! I paused on a high plateau for a long time, wiggling and thinking about how it just felt so right.

With her tongue on my clit and those two dextrous fingers searching inside my cunt, I came long and hard, not saying - more than that - not yelling, i don't think - mostly "ooooooh" and "b-a-b-y" and it was a long time before I want those fingers out in the open again. I think that's really the highest place from which I have jumped into a seething ocean. And yeah, I see orgasm as jumping from something firm, into only air.

She rolled over onto the bed after I had regained consciousness, and I followed suit, rolling to her side and hooking two fingers inside of her - they always go in easy, and just right. I alternated between my tongue and my fingers, and finally put my face next to hers kissing her and cuddling her. I circled her attentive clit with my fingers before plunging them inside her again - I rocked her in my embrace, and kissed her all over her precious cheeks as she gave in to the crest of the wave.


Essin' Em said...

mmmm...deliciousness! I am so happy for you!

Also, sweetie, I'll be in the Boca/Delray area May 25th-June 1st. I wouldn't have a car or anything (with the family), but I'd love love love it if you could come visit for a day. Beach it up, I'll take you for drinks, etc. Maybe I could convince my mom to let you crash with me. Let me know if it is at all feasible (I know it's long drive, but way shorter than CO!)


Anonymous said...

^^^ Dude. We should so go. For realz.